The features…

…that make your agency run like clockwork.

Client Management

One of the core features of Harmony is its ability to manage your clients. When you have multiple jobs for multiple clients, it can be easy to lose track of who is who. Harmony’s simple but powerful interface for client management includes the following features:

  • Import data directly from Companies House
  • Contact directory specific to each customer
  • Customer specific branch and department directory
  • Rapid sort and search to filter your customers
  • Archiving historic customers to keep your directory clean

Job Management

The ability to manage jobs efficiently is something no agency can be without. Harmony’s job management module allows you to keep a track of all your company’s work with ease, freeing you up to focus on what really matters.

  • Efficient sort and search to find jobs quickly
  • Break your job up into easy-to-manage phases
  • Keep track of hours, budgets and profits for every phase
  • Log purchases and receipts against a phase
  • Create recurring tasks to remind you when a job needs work
  • Generate quotes and invoices based on your phases

Timesheet Processing

The Harmony timesheet facility allows you to keep a track of exactly who has done what work and when. After completing a task, your staff can log their time with a few clicks of a button. You will have the ability to see and manage:

  • The hourly wage cost of each member of your team
  • A list of charge codes to log against your jobs
  • Your profit for work based on charge codes and wage costs
  • Reverse timesheets with errors in the click of a button – fully audit-able
  • Filter timesheets by date range and name to see who has done what


Harmony’s intuitive drag-and-drop calendar makes time management easier than ever before. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our scheduling feature allows you to:

  • See an overview of how many hours each team member has scheduled
  • See what jobs have time logged and on which¬†days
  • View a visual weekly planner for each team member
  • Attach a calendar event to a timesheet so hours can be logged faster and easier
  • Drag-and-drop to edit a scheduled piece of work with ease


Your accounts are vital to the function of your business so Harmony makes the management of finances as simple as possible. With our straightforward and powerful accounting module, you can:

  • Manage and approve invoices and credit notes for each job
  • Manage VAT rates item-by-item, or turn off VAT functions completely
  • Approve and decline costs or purchase order requests against a specific job
  • Log purchases and receipts against a specific job to show actual costs
  • Manage a list of suppliers and contacts

Client Support

Direct contact with your clients is important. With Harmony’s Client Viewer interface, your clients can see the progress of their job every step of the way without having to call you and email you to ask you for updates. The Client Viewer has the following abilities:

  • Customise the interface to your company’s brand
  • Clients can raise and respond to support tickets, either job-related or otherwise
  • Clients can view a live estimated job progress percentage
  • Clients can download any approved documents related to the job
  • Both you and the client can view any historical records for completed jobs